Adobe Social Connector Set-Up

For steps regarding how to find this window, visit our Adding Third Party Data Connectors Page

  1. Enter a name in the Name field.   

Note: This is only for reference in Apmetrix and, so, can be any text you’d like.

      2.  Enter the client’s user id in the User Name field.

Note: This is an administrator account for Adobe Site Catalyst site. An administrator account is needed because Apmetrix brings in Adobe segments that – without administrator access – would not be visible in Apmetrix.

      3.  Enter the shared secret in the Shared Secret field.

Note: This is the client secret that displays under OAuth 2.0 Client ID in the Google API Console.

      4.  Enter a report suite ID (RSID) in the Omniture RSID field.

Note: This is the report suite ID that displays under Admin Tools > Report Suites > Report Suite ID column. The ID displays in parentheses on the Report Suite selection drop-down menu when in reports on Adobe Site Catalyst site.

Note: RSIDs are case sensitive so that RSID123 and rsid123 are NOT the same number.

      5.  Enter a customer name in the Customer field.

      6.  Click the OK button.



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