Site Catalyst Account Set-Up

  1. Navigate to

      2.  Login with the client’s company and user name and password (from Google Drive).   


Note: For creating or accessing the shared secret, this account needs to be an administrator. Also, when configuring the Task in Apmetrix, you will need to enter an administrator account.

      3.  Click the star icon.

      4.  On the menu that displays, click Admin Tools.

      5.  Click User Management.

The User Management area displays.

      6.  Click the Edit Users button.

A list of users displays.

      7.  Locate your login name in the list of displayed users and click the Edit link in the Manage column.



User Management details display.

      8.  In the Access section, click Web Service Access and the click the Add > button.

The shared secret displays.

      9.  Copy the shared secret for use in Task configuration in Apmetrix.


      10.  From User Management details, click the Report Suites link.

The Report Suite Manager displays.

      11.  Copy the Report Suite ID(s) for use in Task configuration in Apmetrix.

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