Google Analytics API Account Set-Up

To ensure you login with correct account information, please logout of any active sessions.

Once you are done creating your Google Analytics API account, navigate to the Apmetrix Google Analaytics Connector Setup


Please follow the steps provided below to set-up your Google Analytics API account for the Apmetrix Google Analytics Connector.

  1. Navigate to
  1. Login with a user name and password. 

Note: Once logged in, you will be on the main API Manager dashboard.

      3.  To create a new project, click the Project Drop Down Arrow. This will then give you the option to "Create Project"

4.  Click the "Create Project" button.


A New Project window will be displayed.

      5.  Enter a project name in the Project Name field.

Note: The project ID defaults from Google and once accepted, it is not something that a user can change. Additionally, you can edit the Project ID by selecting the ?Edit button.

      6.  Click the Create button.

      7.  Once your project is created, you will need to create your OAuth credentials. These will be found under the "Credentials" section in your API Manager.

NOTE: If you have not given your project a "Product Name" under the "OAuth Consent Screen", you will need to provide this one piece of information before proceeding. Everything else is optional. 

      8.  After saving out your project information and Product Name, you can move onto your Credentials. Select the Credentials tab, then from the drop down select OAuth Client ID.

      9.  After selecting OAuth Client ID we will now select the type of Application Type.

9a. Select Web Application, provide a Name and fill in the Authorized Redirect URI's. See NOTE below.

NOTE: The URI to use is ""

Once this is created, you will have a new window with your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy and save these as you will need them to setup your Apmetrix Google Analytics Connector at a later point.


We will now need to enable the correct API for this project

     10. Click the Library section under your API Manager, then navigate to Other Popular APIs. Now select Analytics API.


Once inside the Analytics API you will Enable it.

Note: When you complete this step, the toggle should display Disable.


For the next steps, you will need the Developer email as this is added to your Google Analytics account to create a link between your Google Analytics API and your Google Analytics service.

    11. Navigate to the IAM & Admin Dashboard > IAM section and select your Project

     12. Navigate to the Compute Engine Default Service Account and copy out your email.

At this point you should now have your Client Id, Client Secret and your Developer Email. From this point you will follow the steps below to add your Developer Email (Compute Engine Default Service Account) to you Google Analytics property.

After you add the Developer Email to your Google Anlaytics property you will have your Google API/Analytics accounts linked and will utilize the Client ID and Client Secret when adding in your Apmetrix Google Analytics Connector.

Adding your Developer Email (Compute Engine Default Service Account) to your Google Analytics property

Navigate to

Click the Access Google Analytics button.

The Google Analytics home page displays.

     20. Click the Admin link.


The Google Analytics administration page displays.

     21. Click the User Management link.

The Google Analytics user management page displays.

     22. Enter the Developer Email address for the API service account in the "Add permissions for" field.

     23. Ensure that the permissions are Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze.

     24. Click the Add button.

Note: The Google Analytics account that Apmetrix uses for task settings needs to be a service account with permissions to Google Analytics views (discussed below). Configuring such an account is done in APIs & auth > credentials.

     25. Click the Return


     26. Click the Property Settings link.


Property Settings display.

     27. Enter a property name in the Property Name field.

     28. Enter a default URL in the Default URL field.

     29. Click the Save button.


View IDs

Google supports multiple views. Views are customizable layers “between the reports and the raw tracking data you collect for a property. You use views to create specific perspectives of your data so that you see only the information you want in your reports. You can create multiple views for a single property. You might, for example, have one view to filter out all internal traffic, and another to include only activity in a specific directory or subdomain.”

Apmetrix supports creating Tasks for one or more view using specified View IDs. If a user does not populate View IDs in Apmetrix then, by default, the Task pulls from all views.

Create a New View

      1.  With an Account and Property selected click the View drop-down menu.

      2.  Click Create new view.

New Reporting View details display.

      3.  Ensure that Website is selected.

      4.  Enter a view name in the View Name field.

      5.  Select the Reporting Time Zone.

      6.  Click the Create View button.

       7.  Click the View Settings


Reporting View Settings display.

      8.  Copy the View ID.

Find an Existing View

     1.  With an Account, Property, and View selected, click the View Settings link.

Reporting View Settings display.

     2.  Copy the View ID.

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