YouTube Analytics Account Legacy Set-Up

You should get the client’s YouTube Analytics account information out of Google Drive or from the client prior to beginning the configuration process.

Configuring YouTube Analytics requires that you log out of any Google account in the browser you are using to configure YouTube Analytics. This includes your Apmetrix email.

  1. Navigate to
  1. Login with the client’s user name and password.

Note: You likely will land on the Project Dashboard.

  1. To create a new project, click the < Projects link.

      4.  Click the Create Project


A New Project window displays.

      5.  Enter a project name in the Project Name field.

Note: The project ID defaults from Google and once accepted is not something that a user can change.

      6.  Click the Create button.

      7.  If prompted, accept the Terms of Service.

      8.  Click the APIs and auth link.

      9.  Click the APIs link.

A list of available APIs displays.

     10. Click the On/Off Status toggle for BOTH YouTube Analytics API and YouTube Data API v3.

Note: When you complete this step, the toggle should display ON.

     11. If prompted, accept the Terms of Service.

     12. Click the Credentials

     13. Click the Create New Client ID

Create Client ID details displays.

     14. Ensure that the Web Application radio button is active.

     15. Enter appropriate Apmetrix URIs in the Authorized redirect URI field.

     16. Click the Create Client ID button.

     17. Copy the client ID and client secret for use in setting up the YouTube task in Apmetrix.

Increase Quota Limit


Twelve (12) requests per second per user is the maximum ‘free’ quota limit increase for YouTube Analytics. If you still receive a dailyLimitExceeded message from Google, you will need to contact Google to buy / license a higher quota limit.

     1.  Click the APIs and auth

A list of available APIs displays.

  1. Click the YouTube Analytics API


      3.  Click the Quota link.

A Traffic Controls window display.

      4.  Click the Set per-user limits… button.

A Set Per-user Limits window displays.

      5.  Enter at least 10 in the Analytics API field.

      6.  Click the Update project button. 

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