Google Developer Console - OAuth 2.0 Walkthrough

To ensure you login with correct account information, please logout of any active sessions.

Once you are done creating your Google OAuth2.0 credentials, select the connector you wish to setup from the Apmetrix Connectors list


Please follow the steps provided below to set-up your Google OAuth 2.0 credentials for your Apmetrix connector.

  1. Navigate to
  1. Login with a user name and password.

Note: Once logged in, you will be on the main API Manager dashboard.

3. To create a new project, click the Project Drop Down Arrow. This will then give you the option to "Create Project"

4. Click the "Create Project" button.


A New Project window will be displayed.

5. Enter a project name in the Project Name field.

Note: The project ID defaults from Google and once accepted, it is not something that a user can change. Additionally, you can edit the Project ID by selecting the ?Edit button.

6. Click the Create button.

7. Once your project is created, you will need to create your OAuth credentials. These will be found under the "Credentials" section in your API Manager.

NOTE: If you have not given your project a "Product Name" under the "OAuth Consent Screen", you will need to provide this one piece of information before proceeding. Everything else is optional.

8. After saving out your project information and Product Name, you can move onto your Credentials. Select the Credentials tab, then from the drop down select OAuth Client ID.

9. After selecting OAuth Client ID we will now select the type of Application Type.

9a. Select Web Application, provide a Name and fill in the Authorized Redirect URI's. See NOTE below.

NOTE: The URI to use is ""

Once this is created, you will have a new window with your Client ID and Client Secret. Copy and save these as you will need them to setup your Apmetrix Connector at a later point.


We will now need to enable the correct API for this project

10. Click the Library section under your API Manager, then navigate to Popular APIs. Select the correlating API you wish to enable.

Note: You would select YouTube Analytics for your YouTube connector, or Analytics API for Google Analytics. If  you are uncertain as to which to enable, please contact Apmetrix Support.


Once inside the  API of your choosing, you will Enable it.

After finishing the above steps, you will now have your Google OAuth 2.0 credentials that are utilized by your Apmetrix connector. Please contact your Client Success Manager or Apmetrix Support to assist with any questions you may have. 

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